I think I'm kinda agnostic about personality indicators but find them interesting. I keep forgetting my blood type and had no idea it was tied into personality traits - now of course I'm curious. :-)

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I loved this grief!

I'm reminded of a time not long ago when my brother wanted to know my blood type. (I didn't know and still don't). When I asked him why, he said a friend of his had to eat red meat or he would "get headaches" and his body would get "all out of whack". This was allegedly because his blood type was the kind that required red meat. (I've been vegan now for several years, and that was the context of our conversation). His friend's wife was a nutritionist, "so she would know". And my heart kind of sank. One pseudoscience book claiming a connection between blood type and diet came out, and the idea just kept lingering on.

Then again, he also claimed in the same evening to have successfully stuck a magnet to my mom's arm after she got vaccinated. And that aliens probably made contact with the Mayans. There was a whole thing about it on the History Channel, he said.

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